Roadway & Trail Design

Boulder 29th Street Mall Boulder 29th Street Mall Map

City of Boulder Streetscape and Intersection Improvements, Boulder
McDowell received the Engineering Excellence Merit award for work as project manager and transportation engineer for the streetscape and intersection improvements associated with the construction of Boulder’s new Twenty Ninth Street retail district. The community’s goal was to create a lively, outdoor, pedestrian-friendly shopping and entertainment venue with spectacular views of the Flatirons and the foothills beyond. The project included improvements and design services for: 28th Street, 29th Street, 30th Street, Arapahoe Avenue (SH 7), Canyon Boulevard, Walnut Street, and Target’s Access Road.
 Louisville Main St Main Street Streetscape Reconstruction, City of Louisville
Project Manager for the streetscape design, widening, and reconstruction of Main Street from South Boulder Road to South Street (1/2 mile.) The project included drainage and utility improvements, curb, gutter, sidewalk, ADA compliance, street lighting, decorative pavement, signing and striping, and construction staking.
 Via Varra Via Varra and West Midway Boulevard Design and Streetscape, Broomfield
McDowell was the Transportation Engineer for the design of 2,000 feet of Via Varra, 2,500 feet of West Midway Boulevard, and the three associated intersections. The project included the incorporation of detached sidewalks and trails throughout the commercial and residential neighborhood. The design also incorporated an adjacent railroad and RTD’s new FasTracks Transit Facility PNR.
 St. Michaels McCaslin Boulevard/ Dillon Road Intersection Improvements, City of Louisville
McDowell was the Project Manager for the design of an additional southbound left turn lane to accommodate heavy traffic at this intersection. Analysis included running AutoTurn truck templates to determine the impact of the geometric revisions and raised median reconstruction. Project included topographic survey, alignment layout, flowline profiles, and construction documents.
 Highway 40 State Highway 420- 14th Street Widening, Streetscape, and Intersection Improvements, Loveland
McDowell was the project Manager and transportation engineer for the short and long range streetscape and widening improvements for 3,200 feet of 14th Street (SH 402) and the US 287 intersection improvement design including: signal plans at the intersection of two state highways, traffic impact analysis, bike and pedestrian facility design, utility relocations, cost estimates for design alternatives, coordination with ongoing CDOT Environmental Assessment process.
 Safe Routes County Line Road Trail, Town of Erie
McDowell was the Project Manager for engineering design and surveying services for 3,200 feet of detached concrete trail along County Line Road in Erie. The project was jointly-funded by the Federal Safe Routes to Schools program and the City’s general fund. Services included survey, alternative conceptual layouts, geotechnical and environmental investigation, a public meeting, and land acquisition determination. This project has CDOT oversight for the federal funding.

Interlocken Loop Intersection Improvements, City and County of Broomfield
McDowell was the Project Manager for improvements at two intersections experiencing high traffic volume growth which justified the addition of a dual left turn lane and signal improvements at Interlocken Blvd. and a left turn lane at Flatiron Blvd.. Included traffic analysis, utility relocations, median improvements and bid tabulations.


State Highway 170 Widening, Boulder County
McDowell was the Project Manager for shoulder widening project to provide a safer bikeway for a scenic roadway widely used by area cyclists. Project included over three miles of topographic survey, shoulder widening, partial roadway realignment, public meetings with the landowners, coordination with irrigation ditches and utility companies, traffic control plans, over twenty new access modifications, and CDOT processing and approvals.

Highway 70

120th Sidewalk Improvements, City and County of Broomfield
Project Manager for pedestrian safety and access improvements along the West 120th Avenue (US 287) from Main Street to Emerald. The ADT in this area is currently 37,000 with numerous direct business accesses onto the arterial roadway. Pedestrians were walking in the roadway due to tight physical constraints between residential areas to public transportation. Final engineering plans included access revisions, sidewalk and retaining wall plans, utility design, landscaping and irrigation design. The project also included land acquisition from several properties along the corridor. Coordination with CDOT throughout the project was critical to the approval process.

120th Broomfield

Intersection Sight Distance Mitigation, Cedaredge
McDowell was the Traffic and Transportation Engineer for the sight distance analysis and geometric mitigation for a blind corner on a high-speed gravel roadway in Delta County. The project included a speed study, field testing, and sight distance analysis and provided multiple mitigation alternatives.

North Maple Street Improvements, City of Fruita
Project Manager for full civil engineering and surveying services for the design of a continuous 44-foot urban collector roadway section of North Maple Street from Vermont Lane to K.6 Road. The project included 2,800 feet of urban collector roadway; 4,500 feet of new pedestrian facilities; access connections; curb returns and pedestrian ramps; and storm drainage at seven intersections.